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4hillsgate_webWelcome to the Four Hills Ranch POA website.

You’ll find information on the board members, minutes of meetings and other important information on the area and matters surrounding the POA.

Summer is here.  Plan trips to the ranch to enjoy the cool nights, warm days, and fresh air. Enjoy great hiking during the clear warmer days and witness incredibly clear starlit nights.


**MAILBOX MOVE-UPDATE**  8/31/2019

We are anticipating the installation of the locks by the Postmaster at his earliest convenience  If you are already on the list to purchase one of these boxes, you will be able to do so after 9/7/2019.  If you would like to purchase a box, please email the POA.  The price is unknown at this time, we do not have a final bill of costs yet. A check or cash will be accepted.

As many of you know from our Annual Meeting  June 1, 2019 we had been told by Howard Mesa Ranch East that Four Hills Ranch and Howard Mesa Ranch West, could no longer use the mailbox delivery area located on Hwy 64/Big Elk east.  This is on private property and therefore we need to comply.  In an effort to do so, Howard Mesa Ranch West has generously allowed us to purchase and install 2 secured mailbox bricks along with their own.  SINGLE MAILBOXES are requested to be removed from the Howard Mesa East area. We are expected to comply with this request once our new mailboxes are ready to be occupied.  NO SINGLE MAILBOXES will be allowed to be placed in the new mailbox delivery area on BIG ELK.  Again, this is private property by HMR and they have generously allowed us limited area for secured boxes only.

Those who already own a secured mailbox; no additional price is required.   You will be moved to your same location to box #1.  Kim Shuey is coordinating the secured mailboxes and will be happy to meet with you so that you can obtain your new keys once the new boxes are available.

Thank you and Thank you for your continued patience!

Coconino County Zoning Changes

Anyone interested in zoning changes may attend the public meeting on Sept 25 (see below) or may go to this link to review and comment on the draft ordinance:  County Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Meeting 09-25-2019


Please note the 4HRPOA Bookkeeper info:

4HRPOA Bookkeeper: Bill Weiss, CPA

Same Address as in the past

New Email: bill@wsweisscpa.com


“In Memoriam” page under the Community Menu providing our deepest sympathy to those members who have passed on… 

If you own dogs and take them with you on visits to Four Hills Ranch – please check the letter from our attorney on Open Range Issues in the Community/Important Notices section (Click here).