Roads FAQ


1. How are my dues being spent on our roads?

  – 2016 Road Maintenance Expenditures (Jan-May)

  – 2015 Road Maintenance Expenditures
2. How can we get our roads maintained by the County?
3. How often will my dirt road be graded?
4. Is there anything that can be done about the dust on my road?
5. When there are heavy rains, what will the Road Committee do?
6. How can residents/owners help the association and Road Committee?
7. Who manages the roads from Highway 64 to the east entrances of Four Hills Ranch?


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2 thoughts on “Roads FAQ

  1. I recently purchased a parcel in this Ranch. I have been accessing it from Half Hitch Road off of the 64. The gate has always been open, but there is a keypad there as well. Is the entrance operated by 4HR? and if so, how do I get the code for the gate, in the off chance it is closed?

  2. Hi Mike, the entrance you are using is a Howard Mesa Ranch entrance and we (Four Hills Ranch members) don’t have authority to use it to access our properties as it is not a “Common Road”. Since our ranch is west of Howard Mesa Ranch and the only access to our properties is through Howard Mesa Ranch, certain roads through Howard Mesa Ranch have been designated as Common Roads for our use. The maintenance of the Common Roads is funded by both Four Hills Ranch and Howard Mesa Ranch. The Common Roads through Howard Mesa Ranch are designated in blue on the map at and are accessible from Hwy 64 through Big Elk Road.

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