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4HRPOA Bookkeeper: Bill Weiss, CPA

Please mail payments to: Four Hills Ranch POA c/o Bill Weiss, CPA 809 Riordan Rd, Suite 202 Flagstaff, AZ 86001 Phone: 928-556-0102 Email:

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  1. What are some suggested companies for hauled water services out to the ranch? I am having trouble locating any via the yellowpaes & google.

    • Hi Rachel – I do not live on the ranch but pick up my own water with a trailer in either Valle or from Running Water by the KOA on Rt 64. Here is a link to the licensed water haulers in Coconino County (you may need to cut/paste it into your browser). Both Running Water and the Valle facility (Valle-Canyon Water) are on the list. Maybe someone else has some experience using them?

    • Running Water. 928-635-0900

      I don’t know how they are about small amounts, but i usually call them for 3000 gallons and up. And they’re great about getting out here in a timely manner.

      Jamie Atkinson
      Four Hills Ranch

      • Jamie, I was very excited to hear from Tom that you were in my area, off 4HR road. I will be moving a trailer up there in the next wk or so so I can get going on building my home. It happens that I will be up there on Wed, 8/6, to do some scouting. If you see this in time, get back to me so I might visit you when I am around. Thx!

        • Tessa,

          I’m really sorry that I didn’t see your message last year, unfortunately the problem with living out here is that my wifi doesn’t work well at all. I’m at my cabin in 4Hills Ranch from May through November every year and I would love to meet some of my neighbors. Hope things are going well on your house and if your in the neighborhood, drop by. I’m at 5502 4HR Road. Sorry again, Jamie

          • I tried stopping by and the gates were both locked. I will try again in the next week or so.

          • The gates just look locked, if your in the right place, all you have to do is undo the chains. Thanks, Jamie

  2. Hello Everyone!
    My name is Robert Sabatini, and I am currently working on a purchase in the Four Hills Ranch community. I am living and working near Houston, Texas right now, but hope to be building a home on the ranch in the future. I have family living near the east side of Flagstaff, and they have helped me find this property! The location of the property is at the corner of W Bright Sky Trail and W Fire Sky Trail.

    Any information that could be provided for the following will be greatly appreciated:

    Septic Systems
    Water Tanks and water delivery
    Propane Tank and Propane service and delivery

    Thank you very much and I can’t wait to meet everyone!


    • Robert,

      I’m not sure if anyone answered you or not, but here is some of the info you requested.
      Superior Propane. 1-866-344-6427 or 928-635-1314
      They lease you the tanks and fill them upon request.

      Running Water Delivery. 928-635-0900
      Out of all the water delivery companies in the area, they’re the only ones that deliver to the Four Hills Ranch area for a reasonable price.

      I can’t help with the septic tank system as it was already installed on my property, but for a Solar system you should contact the companies in the Prescott, AZ area. There’s probably a number of septic tank companies in the area as well. Prescott prices are usually more reasonable than Flagstaff as it’s a smaller community and they’re more willing to work with people in the outlaying areas.
      Hope this helps.

      Jamie Atkinson
      Four Hills Ranch Rd.

    • Hi Ed. We do not offer any special spot on our website for posting ‘For Sale’ items at this time. The best bet for selling your property would be the local Craig’s List, to take out an ad with the local news paper, or list with a local real estate company. They would have a lot more traffic than our website.

  3. Hello,
    I am going to be on my property in Four Hills around the end of this month (Memorial Day weekend) and I am looking for someone to cut a road into my property and possibly clear and level a camping area. Do you have any contact info for contractors or individuals in the area that does this type of work? Nothing fancy just some leveling and clearing I think.

  4. Hello
    Can someone send me a
    Copy of your CcRs? I am a local real estate agent assisting a buyer looking to purchase land. I hope to hear from you! Thank you
    Veronica Birjukov
    Remax Fine Properties Talley Group
    928 699 3643

    • Hi Veronica – All of the Property Owner’s Association documents are located on this website. From the Home Page, hover over “4HR POA” and select “POA Documents”. The CC&R’s are the third item on the page. It is in PDF format and can easily be viewed and then printed. If you need additional information, please let us know.

  5. I am going to visit my property on the first week of April, for the first since i bought it in 2002. Can you please guide me what routes to take from San Diego, California leading to my property # 0939 at Four Hills Ranch. Thank you.

  6. Hello my name is Norie my husband and our family are purchasing a lot on the four hills end. I was trying to find out if we can bring our travel trailer out for a couple of days so our family can see the land. Also for camping do we need a permit? I also left a message to get an answer from the county. Thank you.

    • Hi Norie. Welcome in advance to Four Hills Ranch. Once you own the parcel you may bring your trailer out to the property and enjoy the peace and quiet as often and as many times as you like. No permits are required as long as you do not plan to live in the trailer for an extended period of time (3 months of more I believe) and you do not park your trailer on the property for an extended period of time (6 months or more). Do check with the county as we do need to comply with county rules, and they do change from time to time. Just take it slow driving on the dirt roads, especially when pulling a trailer.

      • Thank you for replying. I was also wondering if there were any recommendations on septic companies. I contacted L.P. excavating but they no longer install septic systems. Thanks

        • There are probably others, but I know that Steve Fuller, from Fuller Dirt Worx (who does the grading of our roads) also does septic systems – can be reached at Phone 928-707-1011. I will see if anyone on the 4HR Board knows of others.

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