County Regulations on Zoning, Building Permits, Accessory Structures, and Storage

County Regulations on Zoning, Building Permits, Accessory Structures, and Storage.

In response to questions regarding county regulations that impact property owners on Four Hills Ranch, the following information was compiled to highlight sections that seem to be of interest to our POA members.

Coconino County Coconino County Zoning Ordinance

Per the Unsubdivided Lands Public Report for Four Hills Ranch, dated 11/3/2000, the FHR is zoned “G” (considered a “Residential” zone) for purposes of the Zoning Ordinance.


Section 1.11.A.a.1: “A Building Permit, as required by the Building Code, shall be obtained prior to the construction, reconstruction, alteration, relocation or change in use of any Building or other Structure.”


Section 2.1.B.44: “Accessory Structures (are allowed) on the same site as a permitted Use”

Section 2.1.E.6.A: “In the General, Agricultural Residential, and Rural Residential Zones all Accessory Structures (excluding Guest Houses/Accessory Living Quarters) shall be subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Bathroom facilities shall be limited to one (1) sink and one (1) toilet.
  2. No kitchen facilities or wet bars shall be permitted.
  3. The use of Mobile Homes, semi-trailers, railroad cars, Travel Trailers, camper shells or similar units as Accessory Structures is prohibited. Metal Storage Containers may be permitted, refer to Section 3.10.
  4. Accessory Structures may be established prior to the Dwelling Unit or primary Structure subject to the provisions outlined above.


Section 2.1.B.53: “Storage of one (1) unoccupied Mobile or Manufactured home per Lot or parcel for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days through the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit.”

Section 3.10.c.1.A: “Upon the issuance of an Administrative Permit, two 160 square foot Metal Storage Containers may be established with a no-fee temporary use permit. A temporary use permit is required prior to the storage containers being located on site and may be issued for up to 18 months at a time. Temporary use permits may be renewed so long as Building Permit remains in active  status.

Section 3.15.C.4: “Outdoor storage shall not be permitted on any parcel unless there is a Dwelling on the parcel”

Note: Outdoor storage is defined in the ordinance as “unlicensed or inoperable vehicles, vehicle parts, auto parts, tires, secondhand building material, pipe, drums, appliances, household furniture, household refuse, unlicensed Travel Trailers or utility trailers, etc.”  Dwelling is defined as a permitted residential structure.

Coconino County Building Code Ordinance

ACCESSORY STRUCTURES (regulated also by the Coconino County Zoning Ordinance)

Part II.7: “Detached accessory structures of light frame construction such as storage sheds in residential zones for private use, sized 400 (400) square feet or less may be set on pressure treated skids and shall be anchored with approved methods.”

Note: Accessory structures larger than 400 square feet must have a foundation meeting the International Building Code requirements.


Section A.1: “All construction shall be reviewed by the Environmental Quality Division before a building permit will be issued”

Note: All residential structures must have a septic permit approved before a building permit will be issued

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Portable Buildings on Four Hills Ranch

Portable Buildings on Four Hills Ranch

A property owner on Four Hills Ranch recently inquired whether the Four Hills Ranch POA has any specific policies or regulations regarding the placement of portable buildings on an owner’s property.

The POA does not have any specific policies regarding the placement of prefab or portable buildings on an owner’s property.  However, the CC&R’s of Four Hills Ranch specify that “all uses shall be in compliance with Coconino County zoning and building requirements.”

The web addresses for county regulations are as follows:

If you have further questions or comments, please send an email to

Break-Ins on Four Hills Ranch

Break-Ins on Four Hills Ranch
Several incidents of vandalism, thefts, and suspicious activity have been reported during the last year.  If you experience any such incident, please do the following:

  • Immediately call the County Sherriff at the following number: 800-338-7888.
  • After contacting the County Sherriff, please also inform the POA of any such problems by calling 928-699-9155 or sending an email to
  • Visit your property regularly, secure belongings, and consider placement of monitoring cameras on you property.
  • Update your contact information so neighbors can contact you to report any incidents to you.

If you have questions or comment, please send an email to

Open Range “Law” and Related Issues for Dogs and Property on FHR

In response to several inquiries regarding the open range laws that impact Four Hills Ranch property owners, the following website provides relevant information.

Here is a letter from our attorney identifying legal issues with allowing dogs to roam free on Four Hills Ranch ==> Open Range Issues in Four Hills Ranch

High Country Fire & Rescue

Four Hills has a yearly contract with High Country Fire Rescue for Fire and EMS services. This means HCFR will respond on all fires, medical and traffic accident incidents in Four Hills. All residents of Four Hills are also covered in any of the 350 square miles HCFR responds to.

HCFR does not transport. Four Hills is in the Life Line Ambulance “CON” for Arizona. Life Line Ambulance is a ground ALS transport ambulance and is not included in the contract with Four Hills. For an Air Ambulance transport, it is the discretion of the EMT or Paramedic on scene to call for a helicopter. Depending on the weather a helicopter may not be used. If a situation occurs that an ambulance cannot get to your lot in Four Hills, HCFR Squad is 4 wheel drive and by law HCFR can transport if there is any delay of Life Line Ambulance or other transport agency.

HCFR has four EMTs with Medical Direction from Kingman Regional Medical Center. This means if needed HCFR can contact an Emergency Room Doctor for assistance. Also, we can start IV’s and provide Oxygen and other medical procedures for treatment on medical emergencies.

If you are staying on Four Hills you may want to keep the HCFR emergency number in your cell phone (928-635-9988). Calling HCFR direct will eliminate any delay response to your area. You can call 911, but a delay may occur from the 911 center to HCFR as much as 7 to 10 minutes. HCFR is the nearest BLS EMS provider to you. HCFR has 24 hour Dispatchers to answer your call. More information may be found at:

Agenda 21

Recently a 4HR landowner emailed the board asking how the “Agenda 21” plan will impact 4HR landowners. Specifically, will it affect our land owner rights? Many local governments have signed onto Agenda 21, e.g. Flagstaff, AZ. The board does not know yet how this agenda will impact our community and land rights. In the meanwhile, here is a link we found that may provide you with a starting point for information about “Agenda 21”. Future discussions will be held regarding this matter.

Enjoying the Dark Skies!

For those folks who do not live full time in Coconino County, it may not be known that Coconino County has ordinances that protect the dark skies. Just like Tucson, we have many astronomers and astronomical observatories. Most are located in the Flagstaff Area, with Lowell Observatory and the Naval Observatory complexes on Anderson Mesa, Mars Hill and Belmont, but there has also been some talk of Northern Arizona being considered for an astronomical array (

Flagstaff is the first international dark Sky city, and the Grand Canyon National Park is working on becoming an International Dark Sky Park ( Last year, astronomers in the state of Arizona took the state to task for not enforcing laws that were already on the books concerning electronic billboards because they throw a lot of light up into the sky (

This brings me to the reason for this article; Coconino County has an ordinance ( concerning the proper types of lighting fixtures to use in Coconino County. They should be shielded so they only cast light downwards, and not sideways into the eyes of people, or upwards where the lights are scattered by the atmosphere and interfere with astronomical observations. Last year one of the folks living in Four Hills reported a bright light in the distance that hadn’t been there before. It turned out to be a Coleman lantern someone had set out in their yard to light the area. Light carries for many miles out here on the ranch. The wind turbines on Perrin Ranch are 50 miles from the north rim of the Grand Canyon but they are visible from there, as well as from many areas in Four Hills.

So, whenever you place lights outdoors, please keep this in mind and help us all enjoy the beauty of our natural environment.

Hunting on Four Hills

Hunting in general requires a license from the AZ Game and Fish Department even on your own land, except for small game like rabbits, rodents, etc.
Big game hunting – Elk, Antelope, Deer, etc. – is regulated by Game and Fish and can only be hunted with the proper license.
As you may know, AZ is a lottery state – you pay to have your name drawn and if you are drawn then you can only hunt in the zone you are assigned to.

Landownership does not allow property owners to kill big game without the proper licensing even if the Elk is sleeping outside our bedroom window. We had an AZ Game and Fish representative as a guest speaker at our Annual Meeting a couple years ago and he told us it was against the law to kill a Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Coyote, or Havalina unless it was a direct threat to a “human” – pets don’t count! He said if an animal is killed for any reason other than a “life threat to a human” and the shooter is not licensed, there is a good chance the shooter will be prosecuted.

An important consideration is “how close are you to a residence when shooting” – the law requires a 1/4 mile. A travel trailer would be considered a residence!
There have been a few bad experiences of people randomly shooting across their land or from the road onto a property. Not Good!

If you plan on target shooting on your property, be sure to shoot away from any occupied buildings or roadways to avoid the risk of injuring someone. You should have a backdrop such as a hill or dirt mound behind your targets to prevent a stray bullet from hitting something it shouldn’t…

Four Hills Ranch is in Region III Unit 10

For more information see the