County Regulations on Zoning, Building Permits, Accessory Structures, and Storage

County Regulations on Zoning, Building Permits, Accessory Structures, and Storage.

In response to questions regarding county regulations that impact property owners on Four Hills Ranch, the following information was compiled to highlight sections that seem to be of interest to our POA members.

Coconino County Coconino County Zoning Ordinance

Per the Unsubdivided Lands Public Report for Four Hills Ranch, dated 11/3/2000, the FHR is zoned “G” (considered a “Residential” zone) for purposes of the Zoning Ordinance.


Section 1.11.A.a.1: “A Building Permit, as required by the Building Code, shall be obtained prior to the construction, reconstruction, alteration, relocation or change in use of any Building or other Structure.”


Section 2.1.B.44: “Accessory Structures (are allowed) on the same site as a permitted Use”

Section 2.1.E.6.A: “In the General, Agricultural Residential, and Rural Residential Zones all Accessory Structures (excluding Guest Houses/Accessory Living Quarters) shall be subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Bathroom facilities shall be limited to one (1) sink and one (1) toilet.
  2. No kitchen facilities or wet bars shall be permitted.
  3. The use of Mobile Homes, semi-trailers, railroad cars, Travel Trailers, camper shells or similar units as Accessory Structures is prohibited. Metal Storage Containers may be permitted, refer to Section 3.10.
  4. Accessory Structures may be established prior to the Dwelling Unit or primary Structure subject to the provisions outlined above.


Section 2.1.B.53: “Storage of one (1) unoccupied Mobile or Manufactured home per Lot or parcel for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days through the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit.”

Section 3.10.c.1.A: “Upon the issuance of an Administrative Permit, two 160 square foot Metal Storage Containers may be established with a no-fee temporary use permit. A temporary use permit is required prior to the storage containers being located on site and may be issued for up to 18 months at a time. Temporary use permits may be renewed so long as Building Permit remains in active  status.

Section 3.15.C.4: “Outdoor storage shall not be permitted on any parcel unless there is a Dwelling on the parcel”

Note: Outdoor storage is defined in the ordinance as “unlicensed or inoperable vehicles, vehicle parts, auto parts, tires, secondhand building material, pipe, drums, appliances, household furniture, household refuse, unlicensed Travel Trailers or utility trailers, etc.”  Dwelling is defined as a permitted residential structure.

Coconino County Building Code Ordinance

ACCESSORY STRUCTURES (regulated also by the Coconino County Zoning Ordinance)

Part II.7: “Detached accessory structures of light frame construction such as storage sheds in residential zones for private use, sized 400 (400) square feet or less may be set on pressure treated skids and shall be anchored with approved methods.”

Note: Accessory structures larger than 400 square feet must have a foundation meeting the International Building Code requirements.


Section A.1: “All construction shall be reviewed by the Environmental Quality Division before a building permit will be issued”

Note: All residential structures must have a septic permit approved before a building permit will be issued

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2 thoughts on “County Regulations on Zoning, Building Permits, Accessory Structures, and Storage

  1. I am looking to buy 40 acres in Westwood Ranch or in the area of exit 139 of Ash Fork Arizona. I am trying to find info on what I can build on it. How much a building permit will cost me. It’s going to be all off grid cabin under 500sqft. (420sqft). Is there a site I can go to or call to talk with someone about this ? Thanks. Brian. or cell 602-290-5744. I first would like to build a shed 8×12 on it to store all my tools & camping gear in it. Will I need a permit for that ? Thanks

  2. Hi Brian, Westwood Ranch may be in Coconino county based on the look-ups I did, but it might also be in Yavapai county. You will want to verify which county the lot you’re interested in is governed by. I suggest checking at least two places for regulations regarding building; the county web site and the Westwood Ranch CC&Rs. The Coconino county website is . Good luck with your purchase and building.

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