Monsoon Safety Tips

Flash Floods are inevitable during monsoon season

  1. Drive with caution:  It is recommended to drop down 5 mph from the 30mph speed limit during rain.

  2. Approach curves slowly:  Rain, speed and curves do not mix. Should you start to skid or hydroplane, turn your steering wheel into the direction of the skid.

  3. Do not cross flooded washes:  Moving water across washes and roads can be a powerful force and can drag anything down in its path.

  4. Be aware of traffic signs: If you ignore traffic safety signs,  you may encounter a life threatening experience and may be financially responsible for your own rescue.

  5. Know the area:  Be aware of roads and washes that have the potential for flooding. Determine an alternate and safer route.

  6. Call 911 in all life threatening emergencies:  Emergency Response Personnel are trained and equipped to reach people needing rescue.  Our department cannot enter flooded or muddy areas with heavy equipment.

  7. Make other accommodations, if necessary:  Anyone who fears being trapped by floodwaters or cutoff from emergency response personnel should consider alternate living arrangements.

  8. You have the right to protect structures on your property:  Construction of berms is allowed, but you must allow the water to continue to cross your property.  You cannot dam or block washes, and you cannot divert storm water (including sheet flow) directly onto neighboring property.

  9. During the rainy season EXPECT road damage. Repairs or grading of roads cannot be done until the weather is dry.  Operating on muddy roads or shoulders can risk the safety of workers, the equipment and further damage the road.