4HR Roads

A important function of the 4HRPOA is to maintain the 80+ miles of private roads on the ranch used by Four Hills Ranch members to access their property.

The Four Hills Ranch roads are PRIVATE roads and only Four Hills Ranch POA members and their guests are authorized to use our roads. Hunters, land-locked property owners and other individuals that do not own property within Four Hills Ranch are not authorized to use our roads.


Our Roads Mission is to keep roads as passable as possible year-round for our members and emergency vehicles. With very few extreme weather related events, almost all roads are passable year-round with 4WD vehicles. Most roads are passable with 2WD vehicles except when the roads are flooded or extremely muddy resulting from winter rain/snow melt or occasional monsoon downpours.

It’s always a good idea to check the road conditions before planning a trip to the ranch.

A key component of our roads maintenance planning is categorizing roads based on member usage across the ranch –

  • Primary or Arterial Roads – Main roads that all members use on at least some portion of their drive to their property (arterial roads are identified in red on the 4HR map).
  • Other “High Use” Roads – Roads that get extensive traffic due to full-time residents and/or access to a high number of properties beyond the arterial roads. They are used regularly by residents and non-residents in the vicinity of the roads and can experience as much traffic as arterial roads.
  • Other or Secondary Roads – All other roads that members use to access their properties.

Our road priorities, schedule and level of maintenance are based on category –

  1. Hot Spots, where vehicles could get stuck or damaged due to water drainage cutting deep into the road or causing extensive mud or ruts. These will be repaired as necessary.
  2. Arterial Roads are maintained 3-4 times per year and may include grading, ditching and cinders
  3. Other “High Use” Roads are maintained every 1-2 years or as required, and the maintenance may include grading, ditching and cinders.
  4. Secondary Roads are maintained at least every 3 years or as required, or when requested by lot owners using their properties often. The maintenance includes blading and ditching to prevent extensive vegetation or erosion from jeopardizing the road’s existence.

2019 Roads Survey and Recommendations

  • 2018 Road Expenditures < under construction >
  • 2019 YTD Road Expenditures < under construction >

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